Molly Coffee's Resume

Production Design

  • "Stan Against Evil" Season 3. Created by Dana Gould for IFC TV. 2018

  • "Brockmire" Season 2. Created by Joel Church Cooper for IFC TV. 2017

  • "Perception" Feature Film. Directed by Ilana Rein. 2017

  • "Stan Against Evil" Season 2. Created by Dana Gould for IFC TV. 2017

  • "St. Agatha" Feature Film. Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. 2017

  • "Stan Against Evil" Season 1. Created by Dana Gould for IFC TV. 2016

  • "The Carbonaro Effect" Season 2 and 2.5. Created for TruTV by Fields Entertainment. 2015

  • "Thank You, Charlie Sifford" PGA Spot. Directed by David Cone for Ideas United. 2015

  • "The Quantified Self" Short Film. Directed by Gleb Osatinski for Captain Crazy Productions. 201

  • "HP Engage" Industrial. Created by Ideas United. 2014

  • "Operator" Feature Film. Directed by the Olson Brothers of DV3 Productions. 201

  • "Free to Yowl" Short Film. Directed by John Pruner of Muse of Fire Films. 2014

  • Benjamin Moore Commercial. Directed by Jason Zada for Gorilla Content. 2013

  • "V/H/S: Viral" Feature Film. "Dante The Great" segment directed by Gregg Bishop for Magnolia Pictures. 2013

  • "Finale" Short Film. Directed by Jeremy O'Keefe, Tax-Free Films. 201

  • "The Bleeding" Short Film. Directed by Chris Sailor for his Ga State Thesis Film. 2013

  • "Maiden to Monster" Short Film. Directed by Darryl Hazelrig, Center for Puppetry Arts. 2012

Set Decorator

  • "Atlanta" Season 1. Created by Donald Glover and Minim Productions. FX Studios. 2016

  • "Folk Hero & Funny Guy" Feature Film. Directed by Jeff Grace. Spitfire Studios. 2015

  • "The Carbonaro Effect" Season 1. Created for TruTV by Fields Entertainment. 2014

  • "Harlem" Short Film. Directed by Dehanza Rogers for her USC Thesis Film. 2014

Art Director

  • "National Geographic/Hershey's" Commercial. Directed by Jan Mullins for Bark Bark. 2017

  • "Gilmore Girls/UPTV" Promo Spot Series. Directed by Jan Mullins for Bark Bark. 2016

  • "Steel Country" Feature Film. Directed by Simon Fellows for Bedlam Productions. 2016

  • "Hasbro/Discovery Family" Commercials. Directed by Jan Mullins for Bark Bark. 2015

  • "Pull-A-Part" Web Commercials. Directed by Raymond Carr. Never aired. 2014

  • "Altered" Feature Film. Directed by Kely McClung of MAI Films. 2014

  • "Slow Down Atlanta" Webseries. Directed by David Bruckner. Never aired. 2012


  • "Cracks" Short Film. Producer: Marcus Rosentrater, Zombie Cat Productions. 2018

  • "Passing 66" Short Film. Produced for the Hartsfield Atlanta Airport. 2017

  • "Pets" Short Film. Co-Director: Raymond Carr, Ninja Puppet Productions. 2016

  • "Pepper's Place" Spec Pilot. Producer: Tony Holley, Moonshine Pictures. 2015

  • "Fear Haus" Webseries. Created by Blair Bathory, Moonshine Pictures. 2016

  • "Magic The Gathering The Musical" Short Film. Producer: Imoto Harney, Zombie Cat Productions. 2014


  • Puppeteer. "Stan Against Evil Season 3" Episode 5 ‘Nubbin But Trouble’

  • Puppet Coordinator. “Doom Patrol Season 1” Episode 3 ‘Puppet Patrol’

Molly is a member of IATSE 479, ADG 800 and is repped by Julian Savodivker at APA,, (310)888-4200